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Leading private tutoring school for secondary education – eidenai

The private tutoring school was housed in Marousi and staffed with prominent private tutors in order to be an excellent teaching proposal to students in the Northern Suburbs.

We are pleased to ascertain that our proposal was considered credible by candidates with high academic expectations, coming from the most famous schools of Attica, as one can easily see, in the lists of our successful candidates.

Considering the data that shape the demands of our time, we do not stop evolving. With a focus on our ongoing digital transformation, we are established as the first educational center in Greece that offers full interaction with its distance learning students.

In other words, there is not only visual and acoustic contact between the student and his teacher, but complete interaction, as what one writes or projects is displayed directly on the other’s screen, just as directly as in the physical classroom.

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digital transformation

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humanitarian approach

All these years we have not stopped constantly upgrading our work environment and looking for the best technological tools that will serve our teaching method, loyal to our pedagogical principles.

We have gathered the experience, expertise, passion and human interest for each and every student who trusted us…

So, with the same ingredients of success, we continue to wait for the students of the next academic year to be next to us in order to provide them with our best services, established in a deep personal relationship so that our common goals can be reached.

A few words from our students

Everything is perfect, but the space is just flawless. The classrooms are beautifully decorated and create a friendly and pleasant environment, ideal for our studies.


I realized that "tutoring school" does not just mean a good lesson and frequent exams. I used to feel that my studying had no results. I got to know myself better, I believed in my potential, I was able to organize my studying and regulate my stress. I feel covered in each and every of my needs: information about universities and their prospects, about the job market, about nutrition but also about my sleep. Bonus: emotional advice regarding personal issues from Ms. Nancy.


I wish school was like that: the teachers are willing to answer my questions, they give me extra material and exercises when I feel that I don't understand something, they are by my side whenever I need them and they do not refuse to deal with me personally. I feel very lucky for my choice.


I found security and stability. There is perfect organization, planning of the curriculum in all courses and extremely structured material that perfectly covers my needs at all stages of my studies.


There is excellent communication with the teachers and the rest of the staff of eidenai, which is very friendly and supportive. I choose to come here for studying, because I feel more calm and productive.


The organizational way of our tutoring school does not allow us to be careless and helps us to focus on our goals.


In eidenai the urgency of meeting my obligations is combined with warmth and a human approach, which helps me not to "drown" in my stress.


I am very happy with both the lesson and the atmosphere of the tutoring school. I feel that my teachers are constantly by my side and my improvement is visible in areas that I had difficulty in in the past.


"eidenai" means to feel that you belong to a big, warm embrace!!