Our system

Our curriculum planning, even and up-to-date, is based on the original presentation, the systematic classification and the logical interconnection of the cognitive material, which allow the transformation of the provided information into solid knowledge, the filling of possible cognitive gaps and the development of the desired skills.



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The main pillar of our effort is the formation of the appropriate working group, within which:

  •  cooperation is encouraged;
  •  constructive questions are raised;
  •  the interaction is enhanced;
  •  a benchmark is developed for each student’s performance;
  • healthy competition develops which contributes to self-transcendence.

Our teaching approach is well organized, so that students and their parents know exactly from the beginning of the school year:

  • when the material of each chapter will be completed;
  • when exams will be held;
  • when revisions will be assigned and how they will be scaled.

At the same time, each of our students is constantly being evaluated in order to receive the special support they may need to feel safe and move to an upward trajectory.

In this context, attention is directed to:

  •  assign additional consolidation exercises regarding areas where he feels insecure or has weaknesses;
  • to reshape her/his exam schedule according to her/his personal needs;
  • to attend special support lessons;

The systematization of the teaching process, the escalation of the requirements and the constant communication with the parents form an atmosphere of reasonable pressure that prevents inconsistency without compromising the human face of our cooperation.

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