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For our students

In our physical or electronic room (or even in combination, depending on the special circumstances) you can also join our working groups, following the schedule of courses and exams that brings success…

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The question is a pseudo-dilemma:

The digital transformation of our private tutoring school allows our students to attend the same quality of lesson in the physical room as in the virtual one.
All students who choose distance learning as well as students who choose physical presence in the classroom, have access to the: educational material, exams, counseling services and seminars that we organize, while their parents are informed about their progress in regular updates , see their grades and comments of teachers on our special online platform and have the ability to contact whenever they wish by phone or in person with teachers, counselors and the management.

At the same time, the choice of physical or electronic presence is not binding. Each student can, with absolute flexibility decide depending on the circumstances whether to attend the in person tutoring or not. It is just as easy for a student from the countryside to enter the physical classroom, if her or his schedule allows it at some point, as well as someone who usually participates in person to attend the lessons online, when difficulties in moving around the city (strikes, snowfall), illness or a busy schedule that does not allow the loss of travel time occur.

In eidenai, the provision of our educational services never stops.

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Biology in eidenai changes and acquires its proper dimension.

The immediate application of the theories of Biology in everyday life requires a different didactic approach to the specific cognitive subject.

To this day, many studies have been conducted on the importance of laboratory work in the teaching of Biology. Based on these, teachers agree that, in order to consolidate the lesson, the knowledge acquired in the classrooms and through books is ineffective without understanding and learning the methods and procedures behind the field (Cardak et al. 2007, Ottander & Grelsson, 2006, Tan, 2008, Lazarowitz & Tamir, 1994, Lunetta, 1998).

The main purpose of laboratory work in science education is to allow students, using the data collected from books, to deepen the logic that governs the biological phenomena. It is found, therefore, that educational institutions that combine the theoretical teaching of Biology (through books) with practical teaching (through laboratory experiments), are able to guarantee the best results for their students.

For this reason, we have created in eidenai the bio-cLab, a modern, fully equipped Molecular Biology laboratory, in which our students, through the implementation of all the laboratory techniques mentioned in the textbook (and not only), will be able to better understand and in-depth all the biological processes taught, so that they can now more effectively cope with the deepening questions they will be called upon to manage during their preparation. Indicatively, some of the techniques that will be taught are mentioned:

* Creation and study of karyotype;

* Generation of recombinant plasmid;

* Cultivation of bacteria;

* Detection of viruses and inherited diseases by PCR method;

* Blood group study;

* Study of genetically modified foods;

* Fermentation techniques and wine making;

It is clear that all the above are considered of particular importance for students preparing for foreign universities (IB, A – levels). It is known that the main problem that Greek students face when they start their studies abroad, is that they have zero experience of laboratory techniques, something that does not apply to their fellow students who come from other countries.

At this point, the experience of the person in charge of bio-cLab, Antonis Vylliotis, in the publication of scientific papers at an international level and the collaborations he maintains with research centers abroad could be extremely useful.

Finally, bio-cLab will be able to teach younger students the mysteries of life through laboratory techniques.

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What we all want is ultimate success!

Our program is rationally structured, so that we can fill your gaps and help you to conquer the material in which you will be examined, without needing additional help at any stage, to acquire the supplies that will allow you to respond to the increased competition, to be distinguished and… to succeed!

Exams: repeat, get acquainted, get organized, learn, succeed.

Our lesson does not end with teaching. We will make sure you feel completely safe as we approach the final test, through properly organized repeated written exams. In this way,

  • you will be motivated for frequent repetition of the curriculum;
  • you will be prepared for a particular type of exam;
  • you will learn to properly organize your studying time and revisions;
  • you will get used to answering in full at the scheduled exam time;
  • you will understand how to formulate and organize your answers to any kind of possible questions;
  • we will realize your weaknesses in time, so that we can aim in a targeted way to weaken them;
  • will develop your ability to creatively combine what you have studied in order to respond to issues of increased difficulty, unprecedented and complex;
  • you will regulate the stress of exams

A few words from our students

Everything is perfect, but the space is just flawless. The classrooms are beautifully decorated and create a friendly and pleasant environment, ideal for our studies.


I realized that "tutoring school" does not just mean a good lesson and frequent exams. I used to feel that my studying had no results. I got to know myself better, I believed in my potential, I was able to organize my studying and regulate my stress. I feel covered in each and every of my needs: information about universities and their prospects, about the job market, about nutrition but also about my sleep. Bonus: emotional advice regarding personal issues from Ms. Nancy.


I wish school was like that: the teachers are willing to answer my questions, they give me extra material and exercises when I feel that I don't understand something, they are by my side whenever I need them and they do not refuse to deal with me personally. I feel very lucky for my choice.


I found security and stability. There is perfect organization, planning of the curriculum in all courses and extremely structured material that perfectly covers my needs at all stages of my studies.


There is excellent communication with the teachers and the rest of the staff of eidenai, which is very friendly and supportive. I choose to come here for studying, because I feel more calm and productive.


The organizational way of our tutoring school does not allow us to be careless and helps us to focus on our goals.


In eidenai the urgency of meeting my obligations is combined with warmth and a human approach, which helps me not to "drown" in my stress.


I am very happy with both the lesson and the atmosphere of the tutoring school. I feel that my teachers are constantly by my side and my improvement is visible in areas that I had difficulty in in the past.


"eidenai" means to feel that you belong to a big, warm embrace!!



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